The Kiran Anjali Project

Our Daughters, Our Strength
The Kiran Anjali Project is a labor of love born out of an international collaboration of women. We are women who believe in the strength of our daughters worldwide and want to help under privileged girls achieve their dreams through education.

Our Story
Linda Floyd and Sheryl Hoye became friends while living in Hyderabad, India in 2008. Sheryl is a social worker and Linda has a background in television production; both have a passion for women’s issues and a desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Sheryl met Grace Helen Rajkumar, director of Hadassah Welfare Association, through her volunteer work.  Grace is a compassionate, hands-on, social worker who helps to transform the lives of poor women in Hyderabad through education. Grace had a vision to open a school for under privileged girls in Hyderabad. Sheryl introduced Linda to Grace and the collaboration grew from that first meeting. Linda partnered with Grace to open the Wings School for girls June 2009 in the village of Thumkunta outside of Hyderabad.

When Linda and Sheryl returned to the USA they founded the Kiran Anjali Project, a nonprofit with a mission to fundraise and provide financial support to institutions providing education to disadvantaged girls in India. The Kiran Anjali Project was named in honor of their daughters in order to help other daughters in India. The Hindi meaning of Kiran is ray of hope and Anjali means gift.  KAP wants to give hope and the gift of a quality education to disadvantaged girls in India. The Wings School is KAP’s inaugural project.

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The Kiran Anjali Project is a 501 (c) (3) public charity, and your donation may be tax-deductible.


  1. Giridhar

    Hi All !

    Great to read about the Wings School ! I would be glad to contribute my services to the school .

    Best wishes,


    Speech therapist


    Ph- 91-9966764724

  2. Hi Linda and Sheryl

    Congrats on the KAP! I am so touched and proud to have been of help in the last year for Hadassah. The site looks and feel great! Simple yet chirpy!

    Linda, in your effort to help Hadassah I was inspired to start the Striding Flamingos program( all girls program) at ISH to help develop the self esteem of young girls in India thru preparing and training them for a 5Km run.

    Krishnan and I along with my sister are figuring out a way of reaching out to the rural areas and schools where by this program will be offered to them in the future. ISH has been magnanimous in providing the transportation and overall support for this program for the girls @ ISH. Our final D-Day is scheduled for the 24th of April.

    We are preparing to leave for the US this June and i hope to be able to help KAP in anyway i can. I am also hoping that some day we will be able to raise funds thru this program for contributions towards organizations like kAP and Hadassah!

    Congratulations and do stay connected.



    My sister and I are figuring

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